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The Healer - Stone Sculpture by Edson Muchena
The Healer by Edson Muchena
Cobalt Stone - SOLD

Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture
Over the years Zimbabwean stone sculptors have proven that they have the ability to bring something new to the Fine Arts Sculpture Movement. The birth of stone sculpture in Zimbabwe was the consequence of an historic cross-cultural union between European interest in Africa and a group of African artists discovery of their own creative individuality. The Zimbabwean stone sculpture Fine Art Movement captured the imagination of the international community and was soon hailed as one of the most exciting contemporary artistic developments to have come out of the African continent. As the movement grew the artists found the harder material to be a greater challenge to their mastery. They began using Verdite, Leopard Stone, Springstone, Wonderstone and African Jade just to name a few of the incredible stones indigenous to the mines in Zimbabwe . They measure above 6 on the stone hardness reference guide where 10 is diamond.

Shona Fine Artists use simple hand tools- rasps, hammers, and sandpaper to create their sculptures. They are at the mercy of each stone. Hidden fissures and hard seams can often disappoint  and surprise the artist; making each carving a unique adventure.

Each Shona sculpture comes with a base which has been fashioned from an authentic piece of wood (the actual railroad ties) from an old railroad line in
Zimbabwe. Seekers of the exotic enjoy the spiritual and anthropological significance harnessed within these stone-carved heirloom treasures. All of these pieces bear the signature of the artist.



Leopard Shona Stone Sculpture
Leopard by Jonah Runyanga
16" h x 23.5"

Shona Stone Sculpture - Leopard

Shona Stone Sculpture  - Leopard
Running Cheetah by Emmanuel Mauhura
Leopard Stone
10" h x 10.5 long
9.2 lbs


Shona Sculpture- Cheetah in Leopardstone

Welcome Home by Vika Ngwenya
Butter Jade
9" x 5.5"
   4.25 lbs.

Shona Stone Sculpture by Matthew Gidi
Harare Beauty by Matthew Gidi
Wonder Stone
17.5" h x 13" w
70 lbs crated weight

Woman in Headdress Stone Sculpture

African Stone Sculpture
Shona Stone Sculpture - Wisdom
by Everesto Kakweza
Brown Verdite
13.5" high x 12.5" wide x 11.5" deep
92 lbs crated


Genesis - stone sculpture by Edmore Sango
Genesis by Edmore Sango
Spring Stone
23 " h x 10 "w
66 lbs crated weight

Stone Sculpture Angel by Brighton Bere

Angel by Brighton Bere
Kwekwe Fruit Serpentine
12.5" h x 21" w
32 lbs shipping weight
Mother and Child Shona Stone Sculpture
Shona Mother and Child Sculpture
Mother and Child by Brighton Bere
Kwekwe Fruit Serpentine
28" h x 11" wide
92.6 lbs

Mother and Child Sculpture - African Art

Shona Stone Butter Jade Bust Sculpture
by Charles Mayobi
Butter jade
16" h x 11" w

Shona Stone Child Sculpture

Child in Repose
by Elliot Katombera
Brown Verdite
10" h x 6.5" w
13.25 lbs
Shona Stone Sculpture by R.J. Dodzo
Shona Stone Sculpture Couple
Our Favorite Couple by
R.J. Dodzo
Green Verdite
9" h x 5.5" w and 6.5 lbs (each)
$1100 $800

Green Verdite Stone Sculpture of a Couple
Shona Stone Sculpture Bust of Woman
Tonga Woman
by Elliot Katombera
Kwekwe Fruit Serpentine
53 lbs. crated for shipping
15.5" h x 9" w

Shona Stone Sculpture  - Tonga Woman

Shona Sculpture- Green Verdite
The Beholder by Nichlos Tandi
Green Verdite
8.5" h x 7" w
8.4 lbs
$425 $275 + Free Shipping*
Shona Sculpture by Nicholas Tandi

Music Form by Edmore Sango
Spring Stone
39" h x 10" w

Rhino Sculpture
Black Rhino by Patrick Kutinyu
Spring Stone
12" h x 19.5" long
74 lbs

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