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The Official Catalog of the Graphic Works of Salvador Dalí
- Albert Field, 1996

Dalí: Catalogue Raisonne of Prints II Lithographs
- Ralf Michler and Lutz W. Lopsinger, 1997

Salvador Dalí: the Catalogue Raisonne of Etchings and Mixed-Media Prints, 1924-1980- Ralf Michler and Lutz W. Lopsinger, 1997


The Essential Salvador Dalí - Robert Goff, 1998
A wonderful, pocket-sized book, complete with sound-bytes, and outlined key words for student readers. This is a fun book highlighting Dalí’s personal life, works and career.

Dalí, The Paintings, 2002 - Robert Descharnes & Gilles Néret
This publication represents years of research on all of Dalí’s paintings. Many of the illustrations in the book have rarely been seen.

Dalí - Robert Descharnes, 1993
This survey provided a key to the many realms of Dalí’s art. The text is written by Robert Descharnes, a photographer and writer who was a select member of Dalí’s inner circle.

Dalí’s Optical Illusions - Dawn Ades (Editor), 2000
This book examines Dalí’s experiments with optical effects and visual illusions and the effect they have on our perception of reality. It discusses the inception of Dalí’s “paranoiac-critical activity” method as well as his photography, holograms and optical techniques.

Dalí: The Salvador Dalí Museum Collection, Robert Lubar, 2000
Author and scholar Robert Lubar presents the complete 94-piece oil painting collection of the Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Dalí: Genius, Obsession and Lust - Ralf Schiebler, 1996
This work analyzes the various periods of Dalí’s artistic development from 1921 to 1983, with depictions of his most brilliant paintings, and interpretations of his works.

The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí
This early autobiography provides a vivid look at Salvador Dalí’s life up to 1941. Dalí gives the reader a fascinating glimpse at both his psychological and artistic obsessions.

Hidden Faces
This work discloses many of the motivations behind Dalí’s work. It is a story that depicts the lives and love affairs of a group of eccentric European aristocrats who symbolize the decadence of Europe in the 1930’s.

Dalí on Modern Art
Dalí was an opinionated critic of other artists and their works. Dalí’s remarks, while highly caustic and controversial, are also funny and thought provoking. Dalí writes, “the painters dedicated themselves to the ugly.”

Dalí’s Mustache

Witty and surreal… This book of hilarious photos is the result of a collaborative effort between Dalí and photographer Phillipe Halsman, of LIFE magazine fame.

50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship
Master Dalí explains various techniques he applied in his paintings.


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